You're Not Through With Me Yet

Devotions rooted in Philippians 1:6

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Join us for 4 weeks of devotions taking a deeper look at the scriptures behind our brand new song "You're Not Through With Me Yet."

It designed for those who are often frustrated and discouraged. Our aim over the 4 weeks is to gain a greater peace in God's promises and confidence in His work in our lives - promoting within us a greater motivation to fight against the sin in our lives that weighs us down.

This is perfect for individual study or group studies!

Included in the study are 12 short teaching videos and 12 written devotions.

We would love to you have you join us!

Your Instructor

Jonathan & Emily Martin
Jonathan & Emily Martin

Hi! Our names are Jonathan and Emily - and we are weak and often times fearful people who are striving to lean in to a strong and faithful God.

Over the last year and half we’ve been busy at our home in Nashville creating Word-saturated resources to help us in our fight against anxiety and sin.

Many of you already know who we are, but, in case you’re new —we have a ministry together called the Word in Worship. The heart of our ministry is to take the things that God is teaching us in His Word and turn them into songs. Sometimes we all can wrongly think that God’s Word is dull and boring, but we love to sing God’s Word because it is beautiful, powerful, life-giving, and helpful.

With the help of many of you watching, we’ve created 3 albums full of songs rooted in the Word and we’ve spent our lives traveling to your churches and homes sharing God’s Word through music.

Last year, we got the chance to partner with LifeWay. They helped us record a 4th album full of familiar worship songs that we love to sing. They’ve also become our song publisher and have helped us craft some new brand new songs that we can’t wait to share with you.

In 2018 we are releasing our 4th original project "You're Not Through With Me Yet" along with accompanying devotions and other resources.

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